Design of Rural Lodges According To Customer Preferences the Case of Saudi Arabia
Reem Farouq H. Alsabban

This study aims to provide criteria for designing rural lodges in Saudi Arabia based on a survey of customers‘ preferences and needs when staying in rural lodges. It also reviews countries' trends in rural lodge design and the extent to which these designs can be used to form a rural lodge suitable for families in Saudi Arabia. In addition, it deals with the fundamentals of agrotourism that characterize the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To achieve these aims, a questionnaire was used to identify the actual needs and preferences of the sample. The preferences were divided into eight subsectionswith each devoted to answering particular questions. The questionnaire was designed and distributed electronically. A total of 411 respondents were included in the study. The results were analyzed and discussed to formulate a customer needs model that investors can use when designing rural lodges with some recommendations to investors and legislators.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v9n1a3