The Contribution of Sharing Economy to the Development of Peripheral Areas. The Airbnb Case in the Territory of the Dolomites.
Bertocchi Dario, Camatti Nicola

This paper focuses on the impacts that the phenomenon of home-sharing tourism could give to the most peripheral destinations which are disconnected from the most advanced urban systems and, for this reason, very often tourist-sized. For this purpose, the case of the territorial tourist system of the Veneto Dolomites area is considered, which will allow highlighting the spatial spread of the phenomenon in a sparse and mixed area characterized by urban aggregations, such as tourist destinations and peripheral territories (both natural and not highly urbanized ones). The analyses are conducted by applying a simple and two-variable spatial autocorrelation analysis applied to the data taken from the Airbnb site. The results obtained allow us to highlight the impact cost of this phenomenon and the potential of all the destinations amplified by the dynamics of sharing economy.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v9n1a2