How Can Wellness Tourism be Developed in Buleleng Regency?
Made Budiawan (Dr), Ni Made AryWidiastini (Dr), M. Rudi Irwansyah (M.Ed)

This study aims to explore information about the potential of Buleleng Regency in preparing for the development of wellness tourism. Market needs for health services with a touch of hospitality implies the availability of health tourism opportunities in various forms such as medical tourism and wellness tourism. To understand the feasible wellness tourism to be developed in Buleleng Regency, it is necessary to conduct a study of the potential and things that must support the development of such tourism. This research was carried out by systematic observation methods, then followed by terrestrial surveys with GPS devices to obtain the absolute location coordinates, and interviews. After observation in twenty two villages located in three tourism areas in Buleleng Regency, the data were then followed by data reduction, data presentation and drawing conclusions or verification. The results of data analysis were presented in an informal way in a descriptive narrative form. It was found that each village observed in the three tourism areas in Buleleng Regency have potential to be developed as wellness tourism destinations. The availability of medical health personnel and non-medical health services along with the basic medical facilities are able to support the development of wellness tourism.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v8n1a6