Common Asean Tourism Curriculum (CATC) – A Perspective from Academia and Industry
Nila Krisnawati, Robert La Are, Esa Mbouw

This study observed the implementation of the Common ASEAN Tourism Curriculum in Indonesia Higher Education. The approach used is a qualitative study by conductive content analysis and in-depth interviews with ten qualified resources. The in-depth interview focussed on the four areas; perception evaluation, development of curriculum in tourism higher education, critical determinants to develop Common ASEAN Tourism Curriculum and industry's demand on the graduates' skill and competency in connection with its implementation. It was disclosed that the perception of tourism higher education towards the Common ASEAN Tourism Curriculum is considered positive and has been used as a reference by many universities to increase the qualification of student and graduates’ competency. However, there are some challenges found such as the different standards of Common ASEAN Tourism Curriculum in many countries that might be a barrier for many tourism higher educations to implement this into their curriculum. The implications are also discussed to have valuable input for both education and industries.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v8n1a12