Tourist Crisis and Recovery Strategies in the Canary Islands
Prof. Federico de Andreis

The tourism sector is strongly influenced by market trends, for this reason an increase in economic activity requires greater demand for tourism, while a recession or economic crisis can lead to a very important downturn in this sector. In addition to the influence generated by the economy, global crisis scenarios, such as in the case of health care issues, produce a sharp drop in the number of tourists. The tourism sector cannot be considered as a homogeneous sector; in fact, several aspects could have consequences on the tourist flows , precisely due to the economic effects. The objective of this research is therefore to analyze the history of tourism development in the Canary Islands, which represents one of the destinations with the highest number of tourists. The research will help us to understand how, in the past, the tourism sector has reacted to various crisis scenarios with particularly effective answers, allowing us to imagine possible strategies, especially focused on brand management and client oriented, for the recovery of tourism after the health pandemic Covid-19.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v8n1a10