Economic Contribution of Tourism in Tulum National Park
Cecilia Paloma López Solis, Romano Gino Segrado Pavón

The general objective of the study was to estimate the economic contribution of tourism in the Tulum National Park (TNP), Santa Fe beach. The method was descriptive and quantitative, with a cross-sectional approach by a representative random survey, with tests of ANOVA and "t" Student. In the results obtained, the average cost per visitor was $1,632 pesos MXN (US$ 88), with an average of $1,058 pesos MXN (US$57) for the national visitor and $2,092 pesos MXN (US$ 112) for the international visitor, while the Park registered 1,320 direct jobs and 325 indirect jobs; the added value of conservation is not recognised as a benefit. Public institutions will be able to use the results to demonstrate the economic benefits of tourism for nature conservation in the National Parks.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v7n2a9