Impact of theExternal Factors on the Selection and Appointment of Workers in Hotels (Field Study of Hotels (five & four stars) in the Regions of Amman and the Dead Sea – Jordan)
Mohammad Shabib Khasawneh, Issammohammad Almakhadmah, Samerfandi Ababneh

The study aimed at identifying the impact of external factors in terms of (sizeof demand and supply, technological development, conditions of trade unions, location of the organization, laws and regulations) on selection and appointment of employees in hotel establishments,field study of four and five stars hotels (Amman, Dead Sea). To achieve the objectives of the study, the descriptive analytical approach was used and a questionnaire was prepared to collect data after verifying their validity and stability.The sample of the study includedall the departments of human resources management in both Amman and Dead Sea hotels, which were subjected to statistical analysis ,(84) questionnaire using statistical packages program for social sciences.The study showed that the regulations and legislation are one of the most important external factors that affect the selection of workers in hotels in terms of national employment and preference to expatriate workers, which helps to provide employment opportunities for the country's citizens.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v7n1a11