Hotels with Net Zero Carbon Emissions in the Mediterranean Region: Are They Feasible?
John Vourdoubas

Various, reliable, mature and cost-effective renewable energy technologies are broadly used today for heat, cooling and power generation. The Mediterranean basin is a well-developed tourism destination area with various abundant renewable energy sources. In the current era of sustainable development and climate change, the creation of net zero carbon emissions hotels is a challenge for improving overall sustainability. Low carbon emission hotels can be achieved with the combined use of various renewable energy technologies. Use of solar thermal energy, solar photovoltaic energy and high efficiency heat pumps generating heat, cooling and electricity in Mediterranean hotels could zero their carbon emissions due to energy use. Alternatively solid biomass, if available, could be used for heat production. Although these technologies are currently reliable and cost-effective, with many applications in all sectors, various barriers hinder their promotion in hotels in the Mediterranean area. Taking into account though the fact that many tourists prefer to stay in green hotels and that the use of these technologies results in many economic and environmental benefits, it is expected that in the future the use of renewable energy technologies will be promoted in Mediterranean hotels, reducing their carbon footprint.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v6n2a6