Impediments to Rural Youth Entrepreneurship towards the Hospitality Sector in Nigeria: The Case of Ihitte-Uboma, Imo State.
Obiora, J.N PhD; Nwokorie, E.C

This study examined factors responsible for the dismal performance of youths‟ enterprises within Ihitte-Uboma, Imo State Nigeria, in which contemporary and contending issues in rural youth entrepreneurship towards the hospitality sector were overviewed. The methodology adopted for the study involved an investigation of impeding factors for rural entrepreneurship of 112 youth-owned enterprises in Ihitte-Uboma; comprising Amainyinta, Isinweke and Amainyi-Ukwu communities. The framework for the study was tested for validity using the one-sample test and the paired sample correlation coefficient. Results revealed a deplorable quality of energy supply and lack of access to markets. Particularly, youth entrepreneurs within the communities are facing obstacles such as obtaining finance, lack of education and training in business and management skills. Practical recommendations are proposed to government and institutions to overcome these obstacles and to ensure that youth entrepreneurs can sufficiently enhance their businesses, hence avoiding urban drift and contributing to the development of local communities.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v6n1a8