Development of Airlines' Distribution Capabilities
Ghada A. Hammoud, Hala F. Tawfik, Rasha S. Fahmy

Airlines' distributiontestify different methods of developments and implementation of new ideas related to airlines' products or models to meet customers' needs and create new desires for using the innovative means of communication to make the travel experience easier. Such methods of innovation rely on the evolution of information and communication technology that enhance and construct better field of communication. The examples of direct and indirect distribution approaches through both traditional and innovative capabilities will be exposed and in this research paper that willemphasize the development of distribution capabilities is creating new perspectives in allocating airlines products based on personalization, standardization, and expose to solve the existing distribution challenges.Airlines' enhancements of their Passenger Services systems considered to be the fundamental phase of development process, alongside the change of global distribution systems strategies and business model to manage the huge transformation in distribution trends.Airlines are recommended to cope with the initiatives of adapting and deploying the new distribution capabilitiesto get the maximum benefit of common transmission standards shared between partners, through using the application Program interface across, that will lead tofurther reduction in distribution costs in a transparent technique across all channels in a personalized perspective.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v6n1a7