Tourism Industry’s Influence on Recreational Zone’s Ecological Condition in the Seaside of Adjaria
Putkaradze M; Khorava S.

The Autonomous Republic of Adjaria is one of the significant touristic region of Georgia, where the priority among the tourism types is given to the maritime tourism. Maritime tourism, recently and rapidly developed in the recreational zone of the Black Sea coast, needs the improvement of tourism infrastructure, which often processes towards the nature`s irrational usage and thus the ecological condition worsens. The main aim of research is to study the tourism`s influence to the ecological condition of Black Sea coast recreational zone in Adjaria, which develops with worsening tendency and thus the region`s attractive and unique natural landscapes are under the threat of anthropogenic influence; It is added with change of sea hydrological regime caused by the climate changes because of global warming background, thus these incur the activation of abrasive processes and the coast`s recreational zone gradually decreases. The existed issue is one of the actual topics of the region, which needs the complex research. Coming out of the mentioned, the tourist conduction potential of particular beach from the Adjaria seacoast recreation zone and touristic infrastructure loading properties had been researched. There was estimated the tendencies of seacoast ecological condition`s change and the ways are set to resolve the existed issues.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v6n1a3