Push and Pull Factors of Tourists Visit the Tourism Destination of Bali, Indonesia
Made Antara, Yuni Ariningtyas Prameswari

Push factor is that make person want to travel and they are mainly internal psychology motive. The pull factor is external factor that affect person travels to fulfill needs or desire. Person will choose one destination which fulfills their needs and desires. Objectives of this research are to identify major push and pull factors which influencing tourist visit to tourism destination of Bali, Indonesia. This research is using qualitative and quantitative analysis which using factor analysis and descriptive of qualitative. Result of this research shows that there are three major push factors namely status and personal development (F2), culture (F1) and inter-personal relationship (F4), and there are four major pull factors namely people (F10), atmosphere and climate (F6), security and hygiene (F11), and opportunities for outdoor activities (F12) the tourists visit to the tourism destination of Bali, Indonesia.

Full Text: PDF DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v6n1a11