Balanced Performance Evaluation in the Light of the Digital Hotels Era
Asst. Prof. Kanaan, K

All-Inclusive (AI) package becomes one of the hotel options beside the expansion of Revenue Management (RM). AI hotels have developed the experience level to Ultra inclusive, Super-inclusive, and Unlimited Luxury. In a main purpose, this paper states evident competitive Revenue Management Structures (RMS) for (AI) hotels using the Balanced Scorecards (BSC) measures. Exclusively, BSC, unlike traditional metrics, introduces a holistic picture of hotels' financial health with regard to efficiency coupled with accounting metrics. It is basically a benchmarking evaluation designed to analysis more than their top-line revenue. Findings indicated an increase in (AI) focus increases a hotel‘s chance of drainage with absolute control by tour operator, nevertheless does not change a hotel‘s chance of enhancing performance by using selective (RMS). This general preface means that (AI) hotels need to select organisational structures to raise that chances to greater performance levels, otherwise they will get worse in other performance levels.

Full Text: PDF DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v6n1a10