Investigating the Health and Safety Measures in the Kitchen: A Study of Some Selected Second Cycle Institutions in Bolgatanga Municipality of Ghana
Adanse, J; Atinga, A. C; Yamga, L. T.

This research work assesses kitchen health and safety measures of second cycle institutions in the Bolgatanga Municipality of Ghana. The study employed the exploratory research design. The researcher adopted the purposive sampling method to choose sixty-five (65) respondents from all the four senior high schools in Bolgatanga municipality (Bolgatanga Girls Senior High School, Bolgatanga Technical Institute, Zamse Senior High Technical School and Zuarungu Senior High School). Questionnaires were used in gathering the needed data for the research. The data from this study was analyzed, using Statistical Package for Social Scientist (SPSS). The study revealed that most of the respondents strongly agreed that the schools provide safe place of work for all employees and also ensures that employees are not subjected to any unreasonable risks in the workplace. However, some of the respondents strongly agreed that lack of management commitment, workers’ refusal to report minor injuries were major problems. It was recommended that management of the schools should not only provide adequate protective clothing, but should put in place a monitoring team tasked to go round to check whether the staff really do put on their protective clothing and materials given. Also, management of schools should regularly organize education, training, workshops, seminars on health and safety issues, publish materials on health and safety and many other steps to include safety consciousness in the minds of workers.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v5n2a5