Integration of Congress Tourism to the Cultural Tourism Destinations as an Economic Product
Nurettin Ayaz, Nedime Samata

Congress tourism, which can be evaluated within the context of the relationship between leisure time, business, and tourism, has evolved into an economic sector with important contributions to national economies. Qualified and committed individuals are required in order to maintain a competitive structure within the context of event management in tourism. This study aims to reveal the opinions of the boutique hotels managers located in Safranbolu-Turkey on the integration of congress tourism to cultural tourism of Safranbolu. Within this context, a survey with the participation of 81 boutique hotel managers was conducted. We have found that the boutique hotel managers are in the idea that congress tourism will increase the existing prestige of Safranbolu, increase tourism revenues and contribute to the extension of tourism season. Besides, the boutique hotel managers believe that the congress tourism will have positive economic impacts on related sectors and have contributions to innovations in boutique hotels. Finally, the managers drew attention to the problems of lack of public support, coordination, and promotion.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v5n1a6