Taiwan MICE Developmentā€”from the Benefits of the Combination in MICE and Gaming Industry of Las Vegas Experience
Dr. Jean Ling Lee

Las Vegas, Nevada of the USA represents one of the most successful cities that developed the MICE industry and gaming industry. This study is based on the case study of Las Vegas; the purpose is to find out the beneficial result that developing by the two well-known industries. When exploring the benefits of the combination in MICE and gaming industry in Las Vegas, it may be an inspiration and reference to the future casino gaming business in Taiwan. With the analysis of the literatures review, we found out most of the U.S. customer visit Las Vegas, not only for the gambling purpose, but also have the spending budget on shopping, shows, sightseeing, food & drink, and attending convention. In addition, according to the attributes of the Las Vegas visitor, it can be divided into four categories: the convention visitors, the package purchasers, the general tourists, and the casino guests. The visitor demographics such as gender, marital status, job categories, age, and ethnicity also has some different results in the four categories of visitor profile. The results of this study indicate that the economy contribution from the combination of MICE industry and gaming industry which includes taxes, food, drink, lodging, shopping, shows, sightseeing and gambling. In addition, in terms of lodging, food and drink, shopping, and sightseeing, the convention visitors spent significantly more than the general tourist and casino guests. It illustrates that we cannot ignore the importance of the economical contribution of the MICE market to Las Vegas.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v4n1a4