Enhance Online Purchase Intentions: The Role of Perceived Value, Trust, and Commitment
Y.H. Lai

The market for online travel agencies is steadily increasing. Therefore, it is important to explore travelers’ behavior as they choose online travel agencies. This study adopted the commitment-trust theory to examine the relations among trust, commitment, perceived value, and repurchase intentions. Results indicated that perceived value by travelers positively influenced trust and commitment. In addition, travelers’ trust positively influenced commitment and travelers’ commitment positively influenced repurchase intentions. However, travelers’ trust was not found to positively influence repurchase intentions. A major finding is that the commitment-trust theory has been shown to be a good research model for predicting travelers’ repurchases intentions. Thus, repurchase intentions serve as a good outcome variable in this model. Online travel agencies are growing faster than traditional travel agencies because of their numerous strengths, such as timely response and immediate and cost-effective information. Meanwhile, results suggest that managers could focus their marketing efforts on providing and promoting benefits.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v3n2a6