The festival motivation and its consequences: the case of the Fethiye International Culture and Art Festival, Turkey
Reyhan A. Ayazlar, PhD; Gökhan Ayazlar, PhD

Festivals, as an innovative product, have become increasingly popular at various destinations. Although some researches have been conducted about festivals, few researches have been carried out with the aim of understanding the impacts of festival motivations on visitors’ post-purchase behaviors. Therefore, this study aims to test a model of whether festival motivations impact on the post-purchase behavior of attendees of the Fethiye International Culture and Art Festival in Turkey. Based on the literature, five push and five pull motivation dimensions were determined. An on-site intercept survey was conducted and 388 items of data were gathered from the festival visitors. According to the structural equation model results, there is an interrelationship between festival motivations, satisfaction and word-of-mouth for attendees of a festival. The novelty is the strongest push motivation dimension that affects festival satisfaction, whereas atmosphere is the most effective pull dimension. The results are valuable to festival organizers in order to promote the attendees’ word-of-mouth and thereby increase participation in the festivals, which leads to increased motivation and satisfaction. The practical and theoretical implications of the study results are discussed.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v3n2a4