An Empirical Study on the Employee Perception on Work-Life Balance in Hotel Industry with Special Reference to Odisha
Dr. Kalyani Mohanty, Sasmita Mohanty

Work Life Balance has become the buzz word in contemporary economic world as employees in industries are facing lot of pressure from work organisation and pressure from new social structure. Though the issues and problems are different in nature and influencing the life in different degree but, all industrial employees are facing the problem since liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation of economy. Hotel industry is distinguished from others in respect to provision of services round the clock. Due to the seasonal nature of hotel business and high attrition rate in the industry, it suffers from acute manpower shortage. Sometimes employees are compelled to take up the extra load by working for long hours .Such work environment may impact on the WLB of the employees since they do not get sufficient time for their personal and social commitments. This paper examines the key factors associated with work – life balance (WLB) and the employees perception towards it in Odisha, India. The study was conducted by selecting 100 professionals randomly from different Hotels in Bhubaneswar with the help of a structured questionnaire. Analysing the data, it was found that pressure of multiple roles, quality of health and ever changing and abnormal working schedules are the major factors contributing to poor Work Life Balance in hotel industry in Odisha.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v2n2a5