A Significance of Utilizing Enterprise Forces for Medical Tourism in Japan
Satoshi Momotake

Medical tourism has become a popular purpose of traveling abroad for high net worth individuals, and it is spreading among wealthy people.This study examines the strategies of medical tourism in Japan by utilizing business strategies The key elements of the strategies are health and foods.The Japanese food culture is globally recognized as healthy, as to which the Japanese foods culture is committed to be listed up in the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO in December 2013. The primary sites of medical tourism are Tokyo and Osaka areas. A Japanese enterprise in the health field, Tanita is a significant leader in that industry.By utilizing the forces of such enterprises medical tourism in Japan will become an effective model for international business. This study analyzes the significance of these business models in medical tourism in Japan. On the basis of healthy Japanese cuisine, the author proposes strategies of business models.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v2n2a3