The Aplication of Michelin’s Star Standarts in Restaurant Business; Hamburg Le Canard Sample
Assistant Prof. Doc. Turgay Bucak, Zeynep Ceren Kose

Food and beverage businesses are the corporations that allocated to specific standards within its own and established to perform the act of delivering people’s basic needs for food and beverage. The standards that has been applied at the food and beverage managements ranges at the present day and progressing continually. Especially implemented for many years and gradually increasing standards of Michelin Star standards is the best example for this. Additionally, The Michelin Guide, has become a status by the restaurant businesses and has a direct affect on the conditions and envirements of the competiton between the restaurant businesses. The purpose of this study is to elaborate the facts and the implementation clauses of a star-making process and after of it by reaching the informations about Michelin standards. For the case study, Le Canard restaurant which is located in the city of Hamburg – Germany and operated by the only Turkish Michelin_star chef Ali GUNGORMUS is selected. In the research, the Semi-structured interview technique was applied.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v2n2a2