“Measuring Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction of the Hotels in Bangladesh: A Study on National and International Hotel Guest”
Suman Mazumder, A B M Rashedul Hasan

As the number of arrivals of international tourists gradually increases in Bangladesh, the service quality asserted by the Bangladeshi hotel need to be studied in detail.The central objective of this research is to gap between national and international hotel guests’ in Bangladesh from the point of view of expectations of the service quality and perceptions of the service delivered by the hotels in Bangladesh. In this article, first the concept of service is elaborated with the help of extensive literature review. By applying a modified version of the SERVQUAL model comparisons between domestic hotel guests and hotel guests from various international countries were undertaken. The key discovery of the study is that the hotel guests’ perceptions of service quality provided by the hotel industry were lower than their expectations. The lowest expectations and perceptions were given by Bangladeshi guests towards the hotels in Bangladesh. Between domestic hotel guests and hotel guests from International countries the results showed that the overall customer satisfaction levels towards the hotel stay is not satisfactory. There is a long way to go on the way of conceptualizing and actualizing service quality of hotel. A paper like this one will help to discuss required change needed in these sectors.

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