Utilization of Traditional Food and Development of Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Selina Banda, Florence Phiri, Jack Kaale, Marian Mtonga-Kamanga and Margaret Pansho

This study examined utilization of food in relation to its development of hospitality and tourism industry. Objectives were to: Explore contribution of utilization of traditional food to development of the industry; Determine the extent to which food providers are satisfied with utilization of traditional food; Ascertain the frequency of utilization of traditional food; Ascertain the relationship between utilization of traditional food and development the industry. Research was conducted in Kitwe District. A mixed methods research approach involving a sequential explanatory design was used. Population constituted catering providers. Sample sizes were fifty and fifteen for quantitative and qualitative, respectively. Data were collected using questionnaires and interview guides. Findings revealed that traditional food was utilized for developing tourism. Many food providers who frequently utilized traditional food, were satisfied and agreed that it contributed to development of the industry. Utilization of traditional food and its contribution to development of the industry were significantly related. However, traditional ingredients were expensive and scarce. Conclusively, many providers frequently andsatisfactorily utilized traditional food as a source for developing tourism industry. Recommendation is that this study be replicated in other districts to generalize the findings.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jthm.v10n1a5